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30 Best Fun Things In Cancun Mexico

You can enjoy the tropical sunlight and the view surrounded by beach and sparkling water, on the rowing board or underwater exploration with a diving mask. Just 15 minutes by ferry, Isla Mujeres is adding “must be seen” to any vacation in Cancun. The ideal island is a perfect day trip that you can explore with a golf car, bicycle and scooter. The ferry port is just 5 minutes from the Villa del Palmer Cancun complex, making it a very comfortable tour of your organization.

However, there are many activities to enjoy even on the high seas. Here you will find all kinds of restaurants, bars and an exciting nightlife. Most people who come to spend a day or a night enjoy walking on Fifth Avenue, Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue, a vital area full of souvenir shops and all the main brand stores and restaurants.

Mujeres Island is a small island off the coast of Cancun and can be easily explored on a day trip. However, for those seeking some peace and quiet, they may want to stay in one of the many cheap hotels on the island. In addition to the turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches, the island also offers whale shark tours, an underwater museum, many water parks, and diving and diving opportunities. Visitors to the island can easily walk by renting a golf cart, scooter, or bicycle, as the island is small and all attractions are close to each other. Around dinner time, head to the oceanfront park near the ferry terminal and enjoy delicious seafood in one of the many restaurants.

Travelers go here to escape from the beach for a few days and enjoy the culture that Mexico provides. This small town offers many museums, art galleries, restaurants and theaters, which will keep you enjoying for a few days. It also maintains a host of well-preserved colonial buildings and has a vibrant cultural landscape, with something happening almost every night. Mexico City was known, and even partially, for the high crime rates.

It is easily accessible from downtown Cancun or the hotel area, and is one of the most popular attractions in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and sees more than a million visitors each year from around the world. Sitting between the Caribbean Sea and Nichupty Lagoon means that all forms of beach and water Airport Shuttle Services activity you can imagine are available. Diving, diving, skiing in the water, sailing, skiing, fishing and venturing are just some fun things that Cancun can do. Once you arrive in Delfines, you can enjoy the local white sand beach, which is still one of the least developed beaches in the region.

There is also Market 28, which is a dynamic and colorful market with a set of jewelry for sale. Away from the international sentiment of the Hotel Zone, El Centro is the place to have a real life feeling in Cancun, something for the most adventurous travelers. After being on the map since the 18th century, with its original Mayan name, Cancun only appeared in life in the 1970s. The Mexican government financed the first hotels of what would become this incredible tourist city, and at that time, only three people lived in the area and grazed a coconut farm. The land that now forms a Hotel Zone, in its unstable form, clearly seems to be the ideal place for commission. After exploring Chichén Itzá and Cobá, try to visit the rubble in Tulum.

Fly through tropical umbrellas or fly on a waterline in the refreshing downstream. Get out of the way, literally, and explore the forest roads surrounding Cancun in Ziplining & ATV. Fluctuations and turns through uneven terrain provide a sense of excitement when exploring this beautiful tropical site. Close to ancient monuments, it offers a look at the cultural history of Mexico, along with a modern city full of luxurious accommodation, luxury restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.