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workother is an up-and-coming marketplace that prides itself for hiring only the “top 1%” of freelancers the market has to offer.

What makes workother different from its competitors is that it (theoretically) spares you the hassle of going through dozens of resumes and conducting interviews because they’ve already taken care of both.

After submitting your requirements, they’ll come back to you with pre-vetted freelancers. Those candidates have already gone through a rigorous screening process and workother believes they’ll be a match for your needs.

With workother, hiring a freelancer is easier and faster than Upwork. You can start working with a new remote team member within 24 hours after sending your requirements.

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Fiverr is another popular platform which can be attributed to its simple yet effective concept–what people will do starting at just $5.

fiverr homepage

The platform operates differently in that instead of business owners creating a job post and freelancers bidding on it, the workers are pretty much in charge of marketing themselves in the hope that potential employers will notice their profile.

Though every “gig” in Fiverr was initially priced at $5, the platform now offers gigs and packages that provide more value for customers.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, this marketplace definitely works to your advantage and is one of the first places I look for freelance help. I’m on there primarily for one-off, easily-explained tasks.

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Onlinejob Homepage

What makes this service a great option is its powerful filtering system. Technically a resume database, the site allows you to filter by skills required, desired salary, the date the listing was posted, and skill level.

Unlike other freelance marketplaces, this platform is subscription-based which means you have to pay for a nominal fee for you to be allowed to get in contact with a freelancer.

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FlexJobs is a leading job board for both work-from-home and telecommuting jobs.

FlexJobs Homepage

The platform offers a wide variety of opportunities both from big and small companies, as well as those seeking virtual workers.

The marketplace is best-suited for full or part-time remote jobs. As an employer, you’d post your job(s) and wait for applications to come in.

Workers pay a nominal membership fee for access to the listings. Because of that, you can generally expect a more motivated and driven pool that takes their job search seriously.

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Guru is considered to be one of the original freelance sites, having been around since as early as 1997.

It works pretty much the same as other freelance marketplaces, including Upwork. You create a job posting and receive bids from several freelancers that match the skillset you’re looking for.

What sets it apart is the rewards program. Each dollar you spend earns a corresponding Guru Loyalty Dollar which you can use for future projects.

Our full Guru review | Visit is considered by many as one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces, with over 7 million users.

Formerly known as, the site follows a similar model to Upwork. Employers create job postings and workers bid on them.

One key difference is that the site limits the number of jobs freelancers can bid on under a free membership. With that cap in place, freelancers tend to only go for jobs they’re confident they’re qualified for.

(On Upwork, freelancers might take more of a shotgun approach.)

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Founded in 2017, Dynamite Jobs is a relatively new freelance marketplace.

Like FreeeUp, workers are pre-vetted for their skills. The site tends to attract a younger, more entrepreneurial crowd seeking location-independent job opportunities with potential for learning and growth.

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We Work Remotely is the remote jobs board created by 37signals, the software company behind the popular Basecamp project management tool.

The site caters to employers and employees with a tech-industry focus. Job categories include customer support, design, programming, marketing, and more.

The service is free for job seekers but charges employers $299 per job posting, which will remain active on the site for 30 days.

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People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a London-based company founded in 2007 is similar to Fiverr. Freelancers post their respective gigs using a format like:

“I can do ___ in ___ hours for $___.”

Prices for gigs are a bit higher than Fiverr, with most virtual assistant gigs priced between $10 and $20 per hour.

If you’re having a hard time finding an off-the-shelf gig that matches your requirements, you can also post the exact help you’re looking for.

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XPlace is one of the largest and oldest freelance marketplaces today, having been around since 2004.

Like its other competitors, XPlace offers a platform for business owners and freelancers to connect. What sets them apart is the hundreds of categories you can choose from. Each one clearly organized, making profile searches easier than usual.

The platform also differentiates itself from its competitors by operating on a monthly membership model which allows them NOT to take any cut from every project completed.

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Hubstaff Talent

Initially created to provide time tracking software for remote teams, Hubstaff eventually ventured into the staffing solutions business and uses the “pre-vetted” freelancer model (like FreeeUp).

This means that hiring a freelancer is quick and easy because the platform takes care of all the filtering and interviewing on your behalf.

Just send them your requirements and they’ll send you back a pre-vetted freelancer that matches your requirements.

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Twago, short for TeamWork Across Global Offices, is considered one of the biggest freelance platforms in Europe. It uses the same model as Upwork and other marketplaces where a business owner posts a job and gets sent several candidates to interview.

The platform caters to businesses of any size and provides support for a variety of areas like mobile design apps, translation services, and website development among others.

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