Tips For Gamblers To Play Professionally

A professional never gives unreasonable advice. When asked for advice, he often answers, “Well, I’m not sure. So let’s discuss what is the best approach? Then he switches back to listening mode, giving the interlocutors the opportunity to hear what they are saying, allowing them to improve their thinking and find their own way of action. The key here is that the problem belongs to them, and the professional helps to think through possible solutions without offering answers.

People are amazingly grateful to whoever listens to them. This technique goes a long way towards building strong relationships with casino staff if you play the casino on 바카라사이트 so the situation will be different but ethics always apply..

In addition to sophisticated listening skills, the successful gambler has what is called “table presence.” He smiles willingly, takes an open pose. Makes eye contact with other players and casino staff, nods while listening to others talking, and lightly touches the other person’s hand when appropriate. The touch should be short and light.

As an example, consider the following situation.

Suppose someone says how cruel it is that people in some cultures eat dogs. Whether you agree with the statement or view this practice as a cultural issue that needs to be resolved by a specific indigenous people, it has nothing to do with how you apply your listening skills.

You will be amazed at how effective this technique is in casino situations. Dealers regularly complain to professional gamblers about casino staff, and casino staff complains about casino managers. The successful player listens to their words so that they know that they have been heard, without judging or justifying.

Since they do not feel threatened or overwhelmed, they usually continue to open up. Professionals often hear about personal situations, even other job offers that are usually not shared with outsiders. They never give up any secrets, but they become pleasant listeners.


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